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Welcome to the Compounding Pharmacy Australia’s website. We are Australia’s leading online compounding pharmacy, posting our medications Australia-wide. You can also visit us at our modern pharmacy in Mosman, Sydney. We specialise in bioidentical compounded hormones and hormonal weight loss using human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).


The Compounding Pharmacy Australia provides a professional compounding laboratory, with a front of shop retail area that promotes preventative and nutritional medicine. We create the latest formulas and innovative therapies to help both patients and doctors resolve health issues.

There are many areas that can involve compounding to make the taking of medicines easier and more effective.

  • Alternate Delivery Methods – e.g. if a child will not take oral antibiotics, we can make them into suppositories.
  • Allergies – we can make lactose free, colour free, flavour free and preservative free medications.
  • Better Flavoured Medications – we can flavour the medications to your liking.
  • Dose strength changes – we can increase or decrease strengths of medicines to save taking multiple tabs/caps and be more cost effective.
  • Out of Production medicines – we can make same formula products that are not made any more e.g. Ergotamine/caffeine migraine tabs, scopolamine travel sickness cream.
  • Change of Application – Certain medications are better absorbed transdermally and reduce the stress on the liver and other internal organs. They are easy to apply and affective in a short space of time.


To provide natural effective solutions that are tailor-made for our customers using quality ingredients to achieve optimum health.


To empower people with the knowledge of how to improve their health and well being, preventing illness before it takes hold and achieving a balance in life.

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