Wrinkle Schminkles Neck Pads

  • Wrinkle Schminkles Neck Pads


You can’t stop time but you can slow it down with our Wrinkles Schminkles Medical Grade Silicone Neck Pads. Your neck wrinkles can be caused by ageing, sun damage and creasing occurring while you sleep.

Silicone Neck Wrinkle Pads – worn while you sleep (because we know you have more important things to do when you’re awake) – are the perfect non-invasive neck wrinkles treatment and are proven to help you relieve neck wrinkles and rings, leaving you feeling and looking younger and full of confidence.

Apply to the left and right sides of your neck area, and it’ll work while you sleep to relieve and visibly soften wrinkles on the neck, so you wake up looking refreshed and feeling confident.

100% Medical Grade Silicone | Reusable 20-30 uses | Hyper Allergenic | For Wrinkles, Stretch Marks & Scarring

Vendor The Compounding Pharmacy Australia