Oriental Botanicals Brain IQ 60 tablets

  • Oriental Botanicals Brain IQ 60 tablets


Memory, Learning Concentration

Ayurvedic herbs and traditional Chinese herbs are combined in the Oriental Botanicals™ Brain IQ™ formulation to improve cognitive function and mental performance involving memory, concentration and learning.

Brahmi and Gotu KKola, two highly respected Ayurvedic herbs, work together with the Chinese herbs Ginkgo, Schisandra and Siberian ginseng to improve thought processes and mental performance related concentration, memory and understanding.

Scientific studies have shown that standardised Ginkgo biloba extract can enhance circulation in the brain and limbs. This can help with common age-related vascular symptoms such poor memory, impaired mental performance, and mild tinnitus.

For students, Oriental Botanicals™ Brain IQ™ is a wonderful tonic, while for others requiring periods of intense concentration or mental activity it can also be useful.

The herbs in this formulation are traditionally used as a nerve and "Qi" tonic to improve tolerance to stress, increase energy and support healthy ageing.

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Vendor Oriental Botanicals