Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift 60 tablets

  • Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift 60 tablets


Anxiety, Stress, Tension

Chinese herbal medicine Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift® includes a helpful combination of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs for the management of mild anxiety symptoms and stress relief, to improve resilience to stressful situations, assist with a feeling of calm, and support clearer thinking.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the flow of Shen (mind and spirit) can be affected by physical and mental stress and strong emotions, causing disturbances that may express themselves symptomatically as stress and worry.

Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift® has a powerful action against mild anxiety and stress management and can be taken to calm mind and spirit. The herbs in this formulation include Magnolia, Sacred Basil and Withania.

Type Healing
Vendor Oriental Botanicals

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