Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil Soap Bar 120g

  • Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil Soap Bar 120g


Banaban products are based on one of nature's oldest forms of natural food, tonic and body moisturizers that has been used throughout the Pacific for centuries - Pure BANABAN Virgin Coconut Oil that is high in lauric acid and truly is a FOOD FOR THE SKIN. When BANABAN Virgin Coconut Oil is applied to the skin or hair - it has many benefits. The oil is very similar to the body's own sebum and the lauric acid converts to monolurin when applied topically to the skin. Lauric acid was first discovered as the main antiviral and antibacterial substance in human breast milk. It is a medium chain, saturated fatty acid that is also found in coconut products. Monolaurin is the glycerol ester of lauric acid and is more biologically active than lauric acid.

Pure Handmade Soap made entirely of saponified virgin coconut oil and purified water.

Type Beauty
Vendor Banaban

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