How do we supply it?

The diet is available as follows:


40 days, 30 days, or 21 days 

The Doctor prescribed weight loss protocol includes the following (inclusive in our price)

  • Sublingual drops
  • Booklets
  • Ketostix
  • Super Multivitamins
  • Probiotic and digestive enzymes (in one capsule)
  • Chromium/Biotin capsules
  • Miracle noodles
  • A full time counsellor is employed ( trained in the weight loss protocol diet and counselling ) to help and advise the patient throughout the process. In-store, phone or email counselling is available. 

To repeat the diet, prices are reduced for second time users.


If you wish to go through the protocol without the help of our HCG counsellor (phone or email consultation), but just receive the doctor-prescribed HCG drops, books and supplements, prices are reduced.


If you wish to purchase the doctor-prescribed DROPS only, no support, supplements or books, prices are reduced further:

Other products that may be purchased to help with the protocol:

  • Versabase Skin lotion (for the body) $25 (100ml)
  • Versabase cream (for the face) as no oils are allowed on the skin $10 (50g) $15(100g)
  • Crystal deodorant $8.65
  • Mineral Makeup – We stock IKOU which is natural mineral & SPF 24, $49.95
  • Miracle noodles and rice – fibre only , no calories or fat $3/packet
  • Coconut oil soap $5.00
  • Organic coconut oil $7.00 225ml
  • Bragg natural soy sauce alternative $9.95
  • Apple cider vinegar $7.00
  • Oil free shampoo eg J & J Baby Shampoo $6.95
  • Xylitol Sugar free sweetener $7.95 (250g) $14.95 (500g)

** The extra 10 days supply for the 40 day protocol will be supplied on day 25.
We have found that everyone that has gone through the weight loss program has lost minimum of 8 kg up to 18kg.

Many people have the positive results of a reduction in:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Inflammatory pain
  • Diabetes medication
  • And overall, their health has vastly improved.

This program sculpts the body and loses fat from places that need to be lost, leaving NO saggy skin.

If you are interested in doing the Weight Loss Protocol diet, please fill in the form below along with attaching your script from your doctor and drop it in, email or fax it.

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