The Founder

In a huge career pivot, Kim Rumble started The Compounding Pharmacy Australia (TCPA) in March 2011, at 55 years of age, because of her vision to empower people with the knowledge of how to improve their health and well-being.

Working in traditional pharmacy for years, Kim became disillusioned with normal pharmacy practice, treating symptoms with multiple drugs and never the cause — the ‘why?’ — of the the problem. In order to get the best possible solution for her customers, she followed her passion for compounding individual solutions and stocking a range of products with the customers’ benefit in mind.

Her ‘H3’ philosophy of ‘Happy, Healthy, Horny’ extends this passion about bringing holistic health and well-being to all, to enhance all aspects of their lives.

About The Compounding Pharmacy Australia.

We offer a wide range of superior, quality and practitioner-only, herbal and nutritional supplements. As pharmacists, we understand prescription medications and are aware they often have limitations in managing some conditions. With our qualifications in herbal medicine and nutrition, we are able to provide further effective complimentary herbal and nutritional supplements to improve your condition.

Come in ask us how to:
  • Improve your cholesterol levels beyond taking statin medications
  • Help reduce blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular health
  • Reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu
  • Improve immunity and resistance to infection
  • Improve hay-fever,allergy and sinusitis
  • Significantly improve eczema and psoriasis beyond steroid creams
  • Reduce reflux, indigestion and improve gut health
  • Reduce stress and support adrenal function
  • Help balance hormones and advise on managing menopause
  • Enhance a quality and restful sleep
  • Achieve guaranteed, significant weight loss
  • Improve knowledge of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Our products include:

Compounded Products

We compound and tailor-make medicines specific to individuals’ needs, including Magnesium to relax muscles, anti-inflammatory for pain management, chromium/biotin to reduce food cravings, anti-aging cosmeceuticals, melatonin to improve sleep and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Practitioner Only Supplements

Our range of quality supplements include Mediherb, Bioceuticals, Nutrition Care, Flordis, NFM Professional, MD Nutritionals, Ethical Nutrients, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Nutrimedicine, NOW, Oriental Botanicals, Healthy origins, Wagner, Vitamin Concepts, Thompsons and Greenridge. METAGENICS and BIOMEDICA supplements are available upon consultation.

Specialist Store Products

With a herbalist, nutritionist and natural therapist practitioners on board, you are given the best advice and quality products to keep you in the best health.